After it was announced Wednesday that Hunter Biden’s tax affairs, involving some shady business dealings with China, had been under investigation since 2018, we’ve been having a lot of fun here at Twitchy shaming all of the mainstream media reporters who either refused to cover the story of Biden’s emails or claimed that the New York Post had fallen for a Russian disinformation campaign.

Before the presidential debates, Joe Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders doubled down on the Russian misinformation angle. Rep. Adam Schiff told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer it was all a “smear” straight from the Kremlin. Drew Holden did one of his famous threads compiling all of the people who were calling the Post a conduit for Russian disinformation on social media.

But remember those 50 former senior intelligence officers who signed a letter saying the Hunter Biden emails had all the earmarks of Russian disinformation?

“The Biden emails saga.”

Richard Grenell remembers.

This is the second time in two days we’ve heard “Fusion Natasha Bertrand” called out by name, along with NBC News’ “Fusion Ken Dilanian.”

The press wouldn’t cover the Hunter Biden story, but they would cover 50 former intelligence officials calling it Russian disinformation.



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