Tucker Carlson called out the NYT’s Taylor Lorenz on Tuesday night, comparing her to other powerful women like Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton for complaining about how hard she has it when, in reality, she has “one of the best lives in the country”:

Lorens responded, accusing Carlson of repeating her name “over and over on his show” to drill it into his viewers’ heads:

She also called out Carlson for using a photo of her actual face in the clip and not her avatar from Twitter, which features a fish:

Well, it’s good that she’s not making this argument because. . .

. . .she literally links to her public Instagram page in her Twitter bio so everyone can see her face which she posts over and over and over and over again:

As for the photo Carlson used, she said “it’s from years ago” and “Tucker spent time and resources to photoshop my avatar into something it isn’t”:

But the photo he used is her official headshot from the NYT. Here’s the screenshot from Carlson’s show:

And here’s the screenshot from the NYT website. It’s the same photo:

As for Lorenz and her defenders, it’s kind of neat how Lorenz “should be given special protection in a way other citizens aren’t from public response to her public claims”:

But now you can’t even say her name on TV?