In what has been both a long-running joke and a mystifying abuse of authority, in D.C. troops from the National Guard have remained deployed for nearly 2 months now. Originally called up following the attack on the Capitol, their presence has remained for an ever-lengthening list of reasons.

The initial call to be ready for more incursions was followed by protecting the transition, then the inauguration, then there were more wan excuses, and ultimately was the promise of a Qanon-inspired assault said to be planned for this past Thursday. Of course, unspoken was the desire to have them remain for the optics during the impeachment.

All the while, the troops were treated poorly by being denied sleeping quarters, and then the report they were fed undercooked and barely edible food. But all of that is fixed, and their plight over the past months is repaired with a new announcement — they will be receiving a new ribbon!!

This strikes many as a bureaucrat’s way of trying to remedy a problem with some pen-stroke legislation.

Just to clarify, this is not meant to mock the troops in any fashion. The idea that those responsible feel awarding a deployment ribbon over a wasteful order is ridiculous on numerous levels.

It leads one to wonder – given the indignity of this service they were forced to endure, will any of the troops want to commemorate this embarrassment?

Here was a design idea with some real merit-

Makes far more sense. As far as the soldiers, we all know what kind of award they would actually prefer.

Not yet – there are far more political points to be scored with their presence in town.