Oh, the things that get people wound up.

Yesterday NewsMax reporter Emerald Robinson was filing a video report from the White House. In the course of her remote, there was some mundane activity taking place behind her that some people picked up on.

Seems…an odd conclusion. No idea why the WH  grounds crew would be trotting out a coffin in such a fashion, especially mindful of all the media activity swarming the grounds in broad daylight. (And, as Senator Schumer would be certain to add in, also in Male daylight.)

As some noted, that was not actually a coffin being carted around the grounds but it was a stack of wood used for staging purposes during outdoor events.

But, this dose of innocuous hysteria did not go unnoticed by the professional Ms. Robinson. She saw the reactions taking place and then chimed in with an apropos reaction.

So we already have The Alley-Ooop –

And here was the perfect dunk –

(She’s referencing yesterday’s press conference where a CNN flunky tried pinning numerous vaccine rollout problems on the governor and he beat her back with firm delivery of facts.)

This is a good start to the new year. Let’s hope that more like Robinson will be heard from with this mixture of heavy reporting and a lighthearted demeanor.