We now have all the proof needed that the media are completely unraveled by the fact that President Trump’s efforts to bring TWO vaccines to market before 2020 has elapsed. Almost to a person, the members of the press scoffed or ridiculed the President when he pledged to have the shots ready by the close of this year, and they are not handling the facts in a healthy fashion.

While they first tried to claim Pfizer was not influenced in the least by Project Warp Speed the next option was to simply refuse to mention Trump’s name in conjunction with the vaccine. It all happened in a miraculous vacuum, we are led to believe. Now they are straining to recalibrate the facts in order to further avoid credit being granted.

At The Huffington Post their Senior Political Reporter, Jennifer Bendery, attempted to slam Mike Pence over claims made regarding the vaccine. It went from poorly conceived to disastrously embarassing. The Vice President sent out this update on the vaccine’s arrival to counter claims made from the completely official and totally real Office Of The President Elect.

Bendery  first weighed in with this curious critique.

Really, this is what you resort to – a challenge on semantics? We believe most people recall the goal was to have the vaccine ”arriving by the end of the year”. To come out now and say that there is a grave difference between it being distributed, and vaccines administered is a weak effort. Maybe Pence is supposed to be the poking people right now.

Consider how most in the press ridiculed the administration by predicting a vaccine would take at least a year, or more. This time-lag now being attempted as a means of slamming the vaccine effort still falls well short of proving those predictions correct. But as we next learn, numbers and math are not exactly in the skill set of Jennifer Bendery.

Not content with getting ratioed she takes it to all new lows with her next criticism.


That is really all we are capable of at this point.

Pence said ”millions”. The Center for Disease Control said – ”millions”. Jennifer said ”It’s not true”. To counter Mike Pence’s wild claim she provided the evidence…that proved him correct.

This was such a self-own that Bendery needs to pay property taxes to herself.

We see what you did there.

That is frightening to consider…

Um, she is one girl, so ”girls” is not true! (Are we doing this properly incorrectly?)

Well said. And, just for posterity, we have screen-shotted these gems, should Jennifer ever find her abacus and discover the error of her arithmatic.