Democrats are spending some time now attempting to paint certain Republicans who are receiving the coronavirus vaccine as hypocrites, and when Democrats are doing something, you can count on the mainstream media to accompany them. CNN’s Jim Acosta helps show how it’s done:

And these tweets help show just how deformed “journalism” has become…

There is zero difference between Acosta’s “reporting” and the daily DNC talking points. He sounds no different than liberals such as George Takei.

It must not be “journalism” enough for the media to look at it the other way around and ask why Democrats who tried to stir up skepticism about the vaccine are nevertheless first in line to receive it.

They all have their talking points ready to go no matter how it plays out. Also, maybe those who mocked Trump for saying a vaccine would be available before the end of the year will volunteer to get it last:

Or Dems who tried to make everybody skeptical.

That seems to be what Acosta and others are trying to say in a not-so-subtle fashion.

There’s obviously no vaccine for that.