Celebrities, you have to be amused by their obliviousness. Otherwise, based on the sheer plague of them we endure, you’d become enraged too easily.

John Legend’s wife – who you may recognize from the front of the Chex cereal box – went on Twitter to announce her resolution for the coming year. That she as a celebrity felt this was something in need of sharing is just the start of problems. However we’ll grant her a bit of leeway, given it was somewhat related to social media we suppose it makes sense that she felt driven to share it on same.

It does come across as a bit curious, her being this excited about not doing something, but if there was a burden attached then we suppose it makes sense. Frankly, this sounds more like a gift to others rather than a stab at self-improvement.

One problem; Chrissy did not stop with that tweet. She added to it, in a manner of — well, detailing why she was resorting to this resolution.

Ummm…Chrissy…didn’t you just…umm??

This, exactly. Chrissy Teigan made it sound as if the issue was with others, but her inability to merely stop explaining…kind of explains a lot, to be honest.

Except, she sort of does. Cannot sem to help herself.

We expect more details to follow — just because of the evidence provided so far.