When it comes to showing respect for our political institutions far too many in this country do so.  Yesterday was an impressive day for proper disrespect when outgoing South Carolina Representative Joe Cunningham gave his floor speech.

Regardless of political affiliation you have to appreciate someone who comes up with a very appropriate send off in Congress, decorum be damned.

This is the way to do it. Okay, admittedly he did not go full-Boss, as he left the mask on and did not take a full pull from his suds, but still — impressive enough.

Cunningham was evidently intent on his send off, as he skirted a previous attempt to halt him from taking more of the brew into the chamber.

Durkin did some investigative journalism and got to the bottom of the brand that Cunningham threatened to swill from on the Congressional record.

There has been plenty of praise going around for the toasting departure.

Okay, we grinned over this one.

That is something to ponder.

Well with so many working from home that is becoming a daily occurrence.

(Editor’s Note: This is not to be considered an admission that beer was consumed while writing this post. It is also not a denial of such.)

Of course, there had to be a share of buzz-killing fun-vacuums when they saw this display.

Thanks for the lecture Karen – his manager will be contacted. Also, his party is clearly indicated in the chyron showing that–…ah hell, never mind.

Yea, except…

These days anything has to be considered an improvement. We’ll take it!