The White House has stated the announcement of President Trump’s pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg for the Supreme Court will be made later today. The prime suggestion is that he will name Justice Amy Coney Barret as his nominee — and the left is already acting insane over her impending nomination.

Trial balloons are being sent aloft from the unhinged members, attacking the children of the presumptive nominee and calling into question her adopting two children from Haiti. Following yesterday’s initial salvo another Democrat player has brought up the issue, only to then delete and themselves behind a protected account.

Exactly who is Brougher to be in any position to demand that he needs to know about her family’s personal details?

Brougher has worked on a few political campaigns, including the less than successful bid by pro-abortion heroine Wendy Davis. He has also worked with NARAL, and is a board member of Men4Choice. So it seems understandable that a pro-abort figure would be upset over adoptions.

It is also understandable why he chose to run and hide, rather than stand by his comment.

You have to wonder, since when did it become wrong for transracial adoptions to occur? Why is it we have heard so little about the ”trauma and potential harm” of this practice over the years, when the press was fawning over Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron adopting racially diverse young-uns?!

But this kind of behavior from the left is, sadly, becoming the norm. Recall just recently Chuck Schumer threatened that Democrats on the Hill would not hold back from any tactics if they were provoked. Those words were deeply hilarious, coming from the group that was resorting to accusing someone of rape during the last the last judicial confirmation process. The only thing left now is to just go with accusing murder.

There could have been another reason for John Lee tucking his tail and trying to hide under the couch.

And right there could be the very method used to kill this kind of opposition of this type. It would be best if the Democrats just held back from even mentioning the country of Haiti.