One of our favorites here at Twitchy is obviously The Babylon Bee. Not only is their group of writers consistentlly scathing and funny but they also manage to rile up those who fall victim to hive-mind thinking.

Now the site is coming under fire from a curious source. CEO of the Bee, Seth Dillon has detailed how they have been threatened with a lawsuit, and oddly it comes from the youth ministry organization Awana.

That is a very Snopes-like interpretation of things. We are rather confused by this as well as Seth, as we were unaware that satire actually had borders.

The article that is at the center of this impending lawsuit is rather innocuous; the Bee was not even mocking Awana, but remarking on how this week politicians appeared to be staging a one-upmanship with Bibles, a result of President Trump’s appearance at St. John’s Cathedral.

Making this all the more confounding, Seth gave proof that the group had actually praised his site in the past.

Sure, his question is rhetorical, but if we had to weigh in with a guess is that Awana is veering towards the corporate virtue signaling trend that is polluting our free markets.

Except – the outfit joined in with Tuesday’s corporate blackout ”protest” we saw across social media.

By the looks of things, it might be said that Awana might be what is beyond parody.

Considering this new legal designation it could lead to Babylon Bee adapting a new tag line.


If they go along with the plan we are certainly buying a t-shirt.