You might recall that in the early days of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis opening up select beaches that a local lawyer was appearing on the shoreline dressed as The Grim Reaper in order to supposedly warn people away from certain death. Well not content with becoming a local media fixture for roughly 6 minutes the lawyer, Daniel Uhlfelder, is ramping up his self-aggrandizing tour.

He is now soliciting for donations so he can further his stunt. With more Florida beaches opened and fewer COVID0-19 cases across the state he wants to take his costume posturing up a notch, to prop-comic levels of idiocy.

You are going to do…what now?!

Uh…he really wants to do this. He thinks that this stunt is not only somehow delivering a message, but affecting change, somehow. Now if you are considering taking some of your disposable income during this pandemic-induced economic depression and donating not to any number of social assistance programs or charities to help those deeply impacted, but to help fuel the ego of a grandstanding lawyer, just be warned of a detail.

As we reported weeks back, the link that Daniel provides to donate to his cause is for MakeMyDay PAC, which donates the funds to Democrat candidates across the country. But sure, sounds like a totally legitimate way to drop money, ”in these trying times”™

This money well spent, Drew! They will be delivering these bags to people who sought out the chance to go to the beach, only to be handed a useless prop that will be instantly discarded, leaving the plastic on the natural beach setting and getting no point across in the process!

Oh, the paradox. If going to the beach means instant death, then why is HE on the beach??? Oh right, we forgot — the money swindling.

Turns out that spelling and geography is not Daniel Uhlfelder’s only challenge. He seems particularly vexed by math, as well.

Except he then makes this numerical claim–

It seems with his inability to tabulate expenditures like this that it comes as little surprise that Danny Uhlfelder Esq. also has some trouble looking over Florida’s infection levels and death rates.


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