One of the more amusing aspects of the major media players is how lacking in humor and self-awareness many journalists display. They can be a self-serious lot, and when they are tripped up in a blatant joke one of the last things they would ever admit is being fooled.

We covered the press falling over themselves to heap scorn on President Trump’s new site mocking Joe Biden, and how Ezra Klein attempted to extract himself from the tweet where he fell for President Trump’s ”Truth Over Facts”. Another who became ensnared is Christina Wilkie of CNBC. She, like many in the press yesterday, was rather taken aback by the unreal nature of the new outlet.

Her obliviousness did not go unnoticed.

No, she was not aware. Another source of mirth from the press is when they fail to heed the old rule, ”If it sounds too good to be true…” After almost an hour Christina had a bit of a revelation as to the thrust of the new website. Sort of.

Note how she missed the point as she makes the initial slam against Trump, then when alerted to the fact it actually highlights Biden’s misquotes she strains to have it reflect back onto Trump. Her use of ”Unclear” is also risible, given how journalists are normally tasked with finding the facts in order to make things clear.

Finally Christina ”gets it”, but offers only the sourcing of the quote.

Once she has the realization come over her all we get from Wilkie is this fact dropped at the end, with no further acknowledgment. No recognition of it being a parody from the campaign, no admitting that it features Biden guilty of what she accused of Trump, and certainly no correction is offered.

Ms. Wilkie tries to fade into the bushes, ala Homer Simpson.

While no one is pretending that President Trump is the most elegant of speakers it is funny to see the media members pretending they were not fooled by the gag site.