This is so great to see taking place.

Across the country, you could hear the sounds of heads shaking. Most correct-thinking folks — and even those with affection for the government — saw the images of California municipal workers driving earth movers to fill in skateboard parks with beach sand.

It was a perfect image of government overreach, the result of politicians drunk with newfound power flexing muscles on voters. Well, here might be some images that are even better.

Conservative podcaster Joey Saaladino posted some video out of California of skateboarders coming out after the move by officials and literally taking the matter into their own hands.

The crowd even went so far as to clear away all of the sand in a couple of bowls so they could skate again.

This is the kind of thing that is encouraging to see. Not only is this a sign of citizens pushing back against politicians who exert power they were not imbued with when elected. This is taking place in California, a place where you can argue they are most tolerant of government nanny-staters.

Moreover, these look like Gen-Z aged youths. These Zoomers might be getting a germ of an idea of what it takes to be politically active. Granted, they surely just wanted to get back on their decks, but at the same time this is a sign of a willingness to actually stand up to the politicians.

Dare we suggest — THIS is what resistance actually looks like. Only here they are not posting a hashtag to virtue signal their opposition to the Bad Orange Man, this is actual pushback, and doing so against a left-leaning government entity.

Let’s hope that this sentiment is reaching far beyond just this group of defiant skaters.

It was definitely a Ron Swanson moment. Raising a glass to those soaring over the lip today.