One thing we have been able to count on amid this viral crisis is that anyone willing to politicize the pandemic will also be willing to be completely contradictory in their outrage. Note how for a duration the press called for President Trump to get tested, and then after he was cleared the complaint was made it was elitist to do so.

We heard complaints about a lack of a vaccine and then the moment the president suggested trials on current patients he was called a ‘Nazi’. Just days ago he was criticized and fact-checked over delivering a message of hope and then the next day the complaint was he has not been empathetic enough.

Well, let’s get one of the Never Trump leaders to join in the hypocritical hysteria. As we mentioned earlier today, Senator Rand Paul has tested positive for the virus, but pundit Bill Kristol has found something to grouse about with this news.

The hate-fueled stupidity is on full display. For starters, Rand was not in Kentucky, so that point is lost on us.

Honestly, what is Kristol suggesting here? Was it wrong for Paul to get a test and discover he could be contagious? Considering his position, activities, and physical condition it is not unreasonable he would get tested.

This is still a remarkable hot take to have, getting petulant about someone testing positive by insinuating it was somehow improper of them to have the test administered.

Okay, I guess we are at the stage where we should impeach someone for contracting the virus.

There is plenty of imbalanced thinking going around these days.

It is so predictable at this stage.

Because we know it to be true. Bill Kristol would have nothing to gain by doing such.