The nation’s media complex is on a barn-storming tour it seems to strive to do everything they can to make themselves as irrelevant as possible in the public eye. For weeks we have sat back and watched as these journalists have scorched the President over inactivity, and then when he does take action.

Latest example — after days (weeks?) of the media clamoring for the president to take any action he gave a press conference today where he mentioned testing out medication on those afflicted. In predictable fashion we have blue check journo Jacki Schechner (yea, we are not familiar with her either) coming out and complaining now that the President did something. Well…she did more than complain.

It is not too hard to see why she may be considered ”formerly” from CNN. Seriously, any media figure that resorts to the ”Nazi” tag should become ”formerly” in their bio.

Now I’m sure she’s no doctor, but this diagnosis seems unimpeachable.

So you suggest then offering a possible remedy for the infected to take voluntarily might differ from performing experiments on the healthy against their will. Sounds like Chinese propaganda, to be honest.

We’re still trying to imagine Jacki is thinking. It is tough to conjure.

Well now, nice — that is some ninja-level social media Judo right there.

One thing we can be sure of — Jacki here has been inoculated from being infected by facts. Her truth vaccine is delivering as promised. Now if we can just get her treated for this severe case of TDS…