Max is finding it tough to find somebody to play with.

While a number of names are eager to blast their stance as homesteaders in the Never Trump wilderness it would be hard to find one who sounds more desperate than Max Boot. The man has been so eager to find himself accepted by a group that last week he became an avowed acolyte of Mitt Romney.

It appears Max has realized he lashed his dinghy to a schooner that itself has been cast away, so now he is straining to assume the guise of a liberal. However, he is exhibiting all the charm of a brand new employee who wants to tell management how to properly run the company.

Judging by the number of Blue-wave checks who are holding him at arm’s length, few are tolerant of his ”Karen” methods of volunteering unasked for punditry.

Uh oh, Max. If you are going to become a legitimate liberal you will need to have Media Matters on your side.

Oh yea, we picked up on that. However it is appearing as if that is something of an unearned title. He is claiming membership to a club that has black-balled his application.

That is actually his methodology. For the past few years Boot has managed to claim he is fighting for conservatism while never once supporting a conservative candidate.

Harsh. Maybe there is a Green Party candidate knocking around that would appreciate his fervent energy.

I think it is safe to say, the verdict has been made.