As we have all seen in the past few months it has been a tough time for the Democrats and the press, while being a time for President Trump to surge. He has become more favorable than ever in his term, and the others are left reeling from the failed attempts to bring him down.

And lost in the tumult are the brave warriors in the Never Trump movement, desperate to retain what attention they can manage. Among the favorites are Max Boot, the delightfully oblivious foot-stomping crank that he is. To refresh, Boot is the one who suggested ahead of the 2018 midterms that people all go vote for Democrats — and when the Dems took control of the House he then complained about the ground the GOP lost.

Max ain’t the sharpest blade in the barbershop.

His latest was a column he wrote for WaPo where he was intentionally goading Rubio over his impeachment vote.

Max’s piece is filled with many gems, as he is clinging to the hem of the deposed Mitt Romney, now the darling of the left. ”I felt prouder than ever of my work for Romney and more ashamed than ever of my work for Rubio,” Goes one passage. Then there is this laugher, as he described Romney’s speech explaining his vote selection: ”He was almost moved to tears as he was speaking — and so was I.” I’m sure others were equally moved — by laughter.

The Senator gave a rather blithe rebuttal. In an indirect response, Rubio gave this tweet.

Pretty succinct, and it certainly got under Boot’s skin.

Defensive? No Max, Marco Rubio is mocking you there. But obliviousness seems your stock in trade, so that assessment is rather on point for you.

This is actually verified — by Max Boot, in this very same column. He described that at the time he worked for Romney he was bothered when Mitt appeared ”insufficiently ideological”, and when he displayed himself as a strict conservative in Max’s view he ”always appeared to be insincere”.

Ah, but today that same man who voted against the wishes of his constituents in Utah and bucked his party is the principled and noble individual in the mix. Well played Mr. Boot.

Details like this are so bothersome…

Then there was this hilarity–

The day one of the NT zealots makes a difference it would be the first time they deserved front page recognition.