You just HAVE to wonder how this came to pass.

Every so often we hear stories of a corporation or major retailer putting out a product that gets interpreted by some group or demographic claiming offense. This past Halloween, for example, Bed Bath & Beyond was accused of insensitivity for selling black pumpkins.

Walmart is currently under fire for selling an offensive product, but with one main difference — there is ZERO chance this was due to an accident or oversight.

This was part of a line of adult-themed ugly sweaters that were initially offered online in Canadian markets. Other sweaters depicted Mrs. Clause as a dominatrix giving Santa a safeword-requiring whipping, and another of a pantsless St. Nick over a lit yule log titled ”Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.

Walmart’s explanation is this was placed by a second-part vendor, and once discovered the store chain has removed it from it websites. As a result everyone is left wondering just what might have been…

That is some strong crossover synergy.

The amazing thing is that no one has come out to declare this to be a sign of The War On Christmas. But then again, Santa on a tear after bumping rails of flake is no comparison to Starbucks issuing non-denominational holiday coffee cups. Let’s have some balance, after all.