Is this the latest attempt by the media in the war against Halloween?!?!?

Since we are living in completely insane times it only stands to reason that there would be an outrage and an outcry over racist pumpkins. If you want to know what is truly scary there are people who truly think this way.

Dateline: Nyack, New York

Thanks to some intrepid journalism a local news station got to the bottom of a scathing story. A local business put out racist pumpkins — “After a News 12 investigation that stemmed from complaints in Nyack about the product.” Read that line again. A TV station received word of racist pumpkins, and they set out to investigate this blistering story.
A local law office in town made a Halloween display in front of its business, with seasonal and holiday touches. They set out pumpkins with the names of all its employees on them. When some residents expressed dismay at the onyx-colored jack-o-lanterns the News-12 Team leaped into action!

To give an idea just how serious this matter was the News did the only sensible thing when you want to tamp down the outrage and keep everything calm: They contacted the NAACP

Wilbur Aldridge, the regional director at the NAACP, said in a statement that the pumpkin design “shows an extreme lack of sensitivity. By now I would believe everyone [would] know that anything in Black face is offensive.”

A jack-o-lantern is blackface. While grilling the partners of the law firm the station was given some daunting information — If these are so offensive then how was it that the retailer Bed Bath & Beyond had them available for purchase without incident?

The News 12 journalists snapped into action and contacted the headquarters of the home goods chain. It did not take too long, and the intrepid reporting got the desired result. The obscene obsidian gourds have been pulled from the shelves in BB&B stores.

Yes, now that it has been mentioned, this brings up another problem. Are not most pumpkins orange in color — like a certain scary person occupying the White House Of Horrors!!

One resident interviewed put it in perspective, The African American woman declared: “They are pumpkins; black pumpkins — Idiots! That ALL it is!”