Tremors were felt across the political landscape tonight with a serious announcement going out. Well, probably more like ripples, given the sub-two-percent trending line Beto O’Rourke has been running in the polls, but still, it is BIG NEWS. Beto has dropped out of the running for the White House.

In what may have been the most cagey move of his campaign he adroitly selected the Friday night document-dump to make the announcement. This means few people beyond Robert’s supporters and donors are likely to even notice. Hardest hit may this group in Iowa, who were primed to greet their hoped-for pick to lead this nation.

While his backers were looking for explanations a number of other people have noted that there was some interesting timing behind the day/date of his announced pulling the life-support from his bid for the highest office. This being November 1 means there is an added significance to the declaration his campaign has flatlined.

Ouch! Also, accurate!

A few tweets just from the past week have already not aged well…

And as if the timing were not bad enough from the standpoint of optics, there was also a similarity to another event going on today, this one taking place in theaters.

There is of course the temptation to make the ”I’ll – Be – BACK” comment here, but honestly — would that really apply to someone who has never even arrived???