The press has been working hard since news broke of Elizabeth Warren being exposed as altering her story on being fired over a pregnancy. That is not to mean the press is working on journalism and looking into the story. They have been diligently working on spinning the story to benefit Warren.

Now USA Today has weighed in on the issue, and the paper has resorted to the tried practice of offsetting the focus onto conservatives. This time it has devised a new descriptor for the effort.

The amazing part in this piece is not the reliance on the usual “conservatives pounce” trope but in order to sell this version of the story USA Today has to basically admit to not employing journalism itself.

The article states, “Conservatives have latched onto changes of her account as yet another example of a ‘made up’ story.” Tucker Carlson is then name-checked as one of those voices.

USA Today then laughably includes a number of other blue checks who resorted to the laughable technique we reported yesterday, of reporters who went and asked their mother about being fired over a pregnancy.

These #IAskedMyMom moments should be embarrassing to anyone connected to journalism, as they do nothing to prove Warren correct in her current version of events. One question: How do we even know about the details behind the Warren departure from her teaching position in 1971?

Well USA Today explains this, and amazingly it misses the fact that they admit to essentially missing the facts.

But now Warren is on the defense with her account after an interview from over a decade ago resurfaced in which she described the circumstances around her departure from the school district in a different way, and conservative outlets acquired meeting notes from the school board of the time showing that her contract was extended.

Note the tone of this passage. It sounds as if this is some kind of affront, that details from her past were found and then people dared to report on them. Those dastardly conservatives went out and committed journalism! Nobody does that anymore!!!

Always the case – always. With the death of journalism these days all we are doing anymore is writing the obituary.