It has been a tough week for narratives concerning conservatives, and those on the right, which are pumped by leftists and the media. A group of conservatives went into a black community to help with cleanup efforts, the White House honored shooting victims by flying the flag at half-mast, and Republicans are even considering some gun-control legislation.

Of course, these facts have not changed perceptions. That cleanup crew only did so because they are racist. The President was said to have lowered the flag to honor Adolph Hitler, and the GOP lawmakers considering Red Flag legislation opened the door to be called potential Red Flag violators.

In the latest accusation-busting move President Trump came out with comments about Colin Kaepernick, and they do not exactly line up with the years of accusations of him supposedly treating the NFL in a racist fashion.

Well now, how could this be?! Trump was blatantly racist when he criticized Kaepernick, right? Or, just maybe, he was actually criticizing the act of kneeling by the former quarterback during the anthem, and it was not specific to his race in any way???

NAH! He’s just a RACIST!!!

Wait, how was he focused on color here? Could it be that starting to appear that people are just assuming racism when it is not actually in play?

So we are going to blame Trump for the comments John Schnatter made that caused him to step down from his own company? How does that work, exactly??

Annnnnnnd, there it is. Precisely the case.