It is probably out of context historically to suggest we are a nation that is as politically divided as we a have ever been. That said, there are numerous examples where political divisions have been forged when there was no need.

The press has been especially adept at this division, stoking the fires of conflict all the while decrying the state of our divided nation. The latest example comes from The Baltimore Sun.

As we all witnessed, the President commenting on the conditions at that location was deemed to be racist.  The irony was lost on the accusers, who were the ones stipulating that comments on a metropolitan location were default comments on a particular race. In response, a group of conservative volunteers went into Baltimore and worked on cleaning up areas.

The leader, Scott Presler had made suggestions on social media about going in to work on cleanup efforts, and his suggestion went viral. Over 170 people ended up assisting him. He posted before/after shots of their work.

Pretty good story; Americans choosing to go to work on their community. Wrong!

The local newspaper The Baltimore Sun ran an editorial following the cleanup effort, and the editorial team only managed to see negatives

What the local paper of record here is attempting to do is reinforce the image that Donald Trump is a racist. A conservative group comes in and through their actions defy the running narrative in the media of conservatives refusing to help, and that same media has to desperately spin the efforts into something evil.

Like this excerpt:

That tone is throughout the piece. “We assume”, reads the title, and “he claimed” type of qualifiers abound, all while delivering the message that this was somehow a negative act to reflect poorly on the area with political malice in mind. “Sure they cleaned up, but what are they REALLY saying?!?” is the overarching theme of this editorial.

Funniest though, while not acknowledging the lack of government movement that contributed/created the problem the editorial closes out with a laundry list of additional government programs needed for the area. Sure, the government is failing us, but the solution is more government!

Many saw the Sun’s position on this and derided its attempt at spinning the good deeds into a craven message.

It is racist to point out the problems in a city without taking action. It is also racist to go in and try to address those problems. Seems the only solution the local newspaper prefers is to be able to label political opponents racist.

Precisely. Note the paper went out of its way to train a critical eye on this act of community, with no such criticism on the community leadership that has failed this area.

And to underscore just how out of touch The Baltimore Sun is, and the city government, Scott Presler had a follow-up nugget to expose it all.

That, folks, is a truth-bomb right there.

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