Some days you just tire of Tater’s antics and move along. Other days he presents you something so remarkably astounding in its ineptitude you have to wonder who still signs his checks.

Today was one of those “other” days.

It all began with the story of executives from Google caught on video by Project Veritas stating they want to alter their search algorithms to sway the next election. Next, New York Times writer Charlie Warzel wrote a short thread questioning the veracity of the Veritas video.

There is all the usual media dismissals at play here. He wonders why we would listen to people he deems to be “non-technical”, and of course uses the “heavily-edited” deflection (calling out the “snippets”, as “contextless”) is used. Also, for a refreshing change, the press dismisses the words of a whistleblower, a category they normally reserve for sainthood.

Enter now CNN’s media corgi-with-distemper, Brian Stelter. He responds to Warzel after engaging in his most favored of activities — watching Fox News.


Hold on – hold on – HOLD ON!

What was that verb you used again, Brian?! You turned to Google, and were surprised it did not give you a reliable story on how awful it is??? That is some sterling gumshoe work!

You should, while you have the search window open, type in TWITTER + RATIO.

Wait – who is the one being insulted by this?

The staggering bit here is that Tater does not seem to even remotely understand what it was he did wrong here.

This would be like the time we in the office here watched CNN all day, and not once saw a report about how poorly the ratings at CNN have cratered. That must mean they are doing fantastic with the viewing audience!

It is going to be tough for CNN’s hall monitor to top this level of ineptitude. It may take him all the way to the end of the month to do so!