As we detailed earlier on Monday, the release of the heralded (mocked) new comic book featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this week brought with it a legal block from DC Comics. The titan of the industry took exception that Devil’s Due Comics, the publisher of Alecandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force: New Party, Who Dis?, distributed a number of different covers with imagery reflecting the DC character Wonder Woman.

We here at Twitchy obtained a copy of the book and it is embarrassingly bad. That the publisher resorted to a wide variety of covers was a clear sign of orchestrating a stunt to generate excitement, since the contents would not deliver interest.

The Congresswoman with a deep affection for socialism, however, could take an Econ-101 lesson on capitalism from the DC legal action. Immediately, as a result of the cease and desist demand, the variant issues with AOC clad as Diana Prince were being offered up at greatly inflated prices.

Another version is available was professionally graded, and is signed by the artist.


This is something that commonly takes place when specific goods become scarce, or banned — a black market rises up in response. It could currently be found taking place in…just randomly selecting a location…oh, let’s say Venezuela.

Now granted, these examples are the asking price. Certainly, as more of these limited editions that managed to hit the streets start coming up for auction that price will come down. More supply will dilute the market, and as the hype in the news dies off the demand will lessen, further impacting the going rate for these books. These are basic capitalism precepts.

One other factor could end up plunging prices — buyer apathy.

Taking our word that the comic is an unreadable mess, allow an alternative to be offered up. The prime AOC mockery outlet Babylon Bee has come up with their version of the comic, and honestly, the artwork alone is better than anything in the original book.



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