Publishers of that dopey comic book featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were sent a cease-and-desist letter by DC Comics demanding that cover that depict the young socialist from the Bronx as a Wonder Woman-esque superheroine:

From the New York Post:

The publisher issued a cease-and-desist to a small comics company barring it from selling covers of the freshman Democrat in attire resembling that of Wonder Woman, according to comics sites.

Devil’s Due Comics is running a comic about AOC called “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force: New Party Who Dis?”

“Grab a hamberder and grab a cup of covfefe and prepare to enjoy this read!” a promotional webpage reads, citing jargon associated with President Trump.

According to, DC Comics urged Devil’s Due Comics not to distribute the 250 planned copies of the special cover with AOC wearing a metallic tiara and blue skirt — and standing over a knocked-out red elephant. Copies with different covers were not challenged.

You see, when it’s a Dem they let you do it:

Yeah, this might be a problem for the AOC-cultists:

And finally, maybe DC is better than Marvel after all?



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