It is never pretty when a departing politician gets rancorous after getting voted out of office. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri is playing out the clock before her departure, and she sounds a tad bitter. But, as she gripes to Bloomberg, she feels it is unfair that a newcomer is getting attention while Claire and her accomplishments are languishing in a social media era.

What has the Senator on edge (apart from her losing power) is that AOC is drawing so much press attention as an incoming freshman who has yet to do anything. Claire and her actual legislation however is going largely ignored.

I worked on a bill that brought down the price of hearing aids. It was a big deal because hearing aids aren’t covered by Medicare. But nobody wrote about it, so nobody knew about it. But there is so much drama over that New York woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, like she’s the new shining object. That’s how the media covers stuff now. And some of us are passing good old-fashioned bills, and we get nothing. Gimme a break!”

Look Claire, we get it. Ocasio-Cortez is getting mad press exposure for benign things, like cooking salmon in her kitchen, and taking days off to get a facial. But seriously, a bill concerning hearing aids?! That kind of sexy lawmaking does not exactly move the needle, nor generate the clicks.

Still, it is enjoyable to see a Democrat lashing out at the new golden child of the party. And as expected, AOC’s defenders came out in defense.

Alexandria is such a strong and skilled politician that she NEEDS to be defended!

Between Democrats? Not too often. The press is loathe to report on such normally.

We have to agree, there is a sour grapes tang to this departure cocktail. Still, it is fun to see the infighting.


Wow, AOC’s fans are a reactionary crowd! Still, it is fun to see this intraparty infighting. It is almost — refreshing!