Yes, newly minted Democrat heroine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a fixture around these parts, but that is for numerous reasons.  She provides great material, proves the press wrong for elevating her as a serious voice, and shows a challenged grasp of governmental basics. Primarily though, it is that she creates a crap-ton of Tweets.

It’s for that reason amusement abounds as she declares what a burdened laborer she has been. In a dose of missing self-awareness she has doled out missives where face-palms are inspired. The Democrat shooting star sounds both oblivious and entitled as she claims levels of strife with her new vocation (Rules prevent me from receiving a $100 gift card!), and another has her declaring a need already for days off.

This is the woman we are told is a master of social media. Yet frequently she feels emboldened to spew out items which appear tone deaf. Maybe talk of days off and facials are something you don’t need to broadcast to the masses?

It’s called “poor optics”, something politicians are attuned in avoiding. Granted, she is an incoming freshman and not fully versed in all matters PR — but don’t try selling us on her mastery of communication when she is announcing personal pamper days, prior to more holiday days off.

This was a result of her complaint about being prevented from accepting gifts. She talks of pay raises, and being denied from taking $100 gift cards, and needing personal days.

All of this from an individual who has yet to begin her job. I know, yes — she has been doing work. But again, the optics here are lamentable and manage to make her appear as an entitled diva. Of course supporters found this brief sabbatical to be a great idea.

Now, it has been said that AOC is getting far too much undo praise. This HAS to prove this theory. Taking days off, ahead of holiday time off, is inspiring and amazing? How come nobody has thought of taking time off of work before?!?!

No Spa Days — No Peace!!!


This could lead to some real change in D.C.! Imagine, the House chambers and marble halls festooned not with historic portraits, but motivational posters!


Serious…people’s…respect. For discussing a personal day and wearing a facial mask.

No. The difference? A man does not send out social media announcements and try politicizing how going for a beer is a right that all classes should be entitled to; they just go get a beer.

Summed up, in pithy fashion.