The horrible Mark Hertling segment on CNN just keeps getting better and better.

Hertling appeared in a “get to know the AR-15” segment, at which point he said he was going to shoot in “full semi-automatic mode” (and that isn’t even a thing).

At first members of the gun industry were astonished by what he said but they couldn’t help but make fun of him. Then Hertling tried to deflect. Now, he’s getting schooled by NRATV’s Colion Noir and it’s beyond funny.

Guns definitely weren’t made to be quiet. Why do you think the NRA has been pushing for suppressors? To protect people’s hearing.

That’s what you get an ed-u-ma-cation for.

Ask Hertling. He appears to be the expert on this one.

We need a CNN dictionary.

Anything that looks scary must be banned, according to CNN and their gun control goonies.


Like when the Terminator comes into a movie and shoots everyone up?

Now THAT puts these dudes to shame.

That’s why he looks like lost control and is flying around.


Whatever he decides it to be.

Out of all of the “3 hours of filming” they got, and they included THAT?!

DAAAMMNNN. Viewers aren’t messin’ around now.

That’s how they make guns scarier.