In case you missed it, last night CNN aired a video of an “up-close and personal look at an AR-15” featuring CNN military analyst Mark Hertling, a retired Lieutenant General.

During the video, Hertling says he’s going to shoot the AR-15 in “full semi-automatic” mode.

After receiving flak from gun industry professionals, Hertling decided to clarify his point of view.

Apparently pointing out his mistake is now deflecting.

It’s not diverting the issue.

Terminology is important. Know why? Because the average American doesn’t have a deep understanding of firearm terminology and mechanics. Making sure they know the difference is important because it can and does impact support for proposed policy changes.

No, we’re the ones who are saying that an assault weapons ban is stupid when small changes to a firearm, like changing a grip, can make a gun go from illegal to perfectly legal and vice-versa.

It’s not splitting hairs by any means.


Are you talking about a semi-auto? Because what you said makes no sense.

He definitely did go straight Hollywood. It was so unrealistic.