CNN decided to do an “up-close look at the AR-15.” That’s great and dandy, but the person showing off the firearm, retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, seems to think there’s such a thing as a “full semi-automatic” AR-15.

Hint: There’s not.

And guess what? Gun industry people took note.

Here’s the segment in question:

Twitter was LIT by pro-gun people.

That’s the question we all have.

People these days make up their own definitions and meanings.


Sounds like something from a movie.

That would be AH-MAZE-ING.

CNN doesn’t care about accuracy. Ever.

Because they don’t know where to find quality guests at.

Then there’s that.


Anything with “AK” in front of it.

Because it could get REALLY ugly.

CNN would probably say yes.

That’s the scariest part of this whole thing.