Earlier, Twitchy told you about GOP Strategist Mike Murphy going after NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski, a well-known gun writer in the firearms industry, wanted to set the record straight about the New York Times piece and the outlet’s perceived notion of Loesch.

The difference between pro-gun and anti-gun women is how we view ourselves. Pro-gun women realize that there are real threats out there, that there are people who want to cause us harm. We know that at any moment we can be the victim of sexual assault or domestic violence. It comes with the territory of being a woman. Instead of allowing ourselves to fall victim to a crime, we want to do everything in our power to make sure we aren’t wishing we stood up to defend ourselves.

Anti-gun women, on the other hand, are in denial about the world we live in. They live in a fairytale world where nothing goes wrong and, if it does, it can be solved by sitting down and talking things out.

But what do you do when you have a man three times your size attempting to pin you down and rape you? Do you beg and plead for your life? Or would you rather use a firearm to wield him off? At the end of the day, talking him down isn’t going to do anything. If it did, how many rape survivors never would have been the victim in the first place? Probably all (because you know they begged and pleaded for the guy to stop).

Again, that’s how the media tries to paint us. They want us to be the image of fear. They want people to think that we sit in the corner and cry with our gun in our hand, waiting for some sort of threat to happen to us.

It IS a cliche. We’re not afraid to walk out into the daylight and away from our families. We DO live a normal life, just like everyone else.

Stephen Gutowski is right about one thing: pro-gun women aren’t cowards. We aren’t afraid to voice our opinions. We aren’t afraid to stand up for our Second Amendment rights and we sure as hell aren’t going to allow someone to make us the victim of a crime..