Most Americans are thrilled with the idea of getting a bonus. The thought of having extra money in their pocket is not only exciting but rewarding, especially when you work hard for your money.

Nancy Pelosi recently called a $2,000 bonus “crumbs,” which to most Americans is a hefty chunk of change.

Turning Point USA Founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk slammed Nancy Pelosi’s comments.

Some people don’t even see $2,000 a MONTH. This extra money can mean the difference between paying the electric bill and staying warm this winter or putting food on the table for their family. This money could mean buying an older, used car to get to and from work.

These measly “crumbs” can make and break most Americans. One emergency medical expense or a home repair can put people out thousands of dollars.

It’s a game changer, whether you like to admit it or not, Nancy.

When you spend your whole life living off crumbs, you take what you can get.

Maybe she’ll throw all of us a few crumbs. We can pretend to be birds in need.

Great point.

Pelosi makes it sound like $2,000 is equivalent to $2.

Silly, person! The middle class aren’t Pelosi voters.


^^^ THIS is most Americans’ thought process and proof that politicians like Pelosi are out of touch with reality.

Here’s how most people look at $2,000:

  • A few car payments
  • A couple house payments
  • A year’s worth of cell phone bills for a family
  • Car insurance for multiple cars for a year
  • 6 months to a year’s worth of food (depending on how big your family is)
  • Multiple student loan payments

We aren’t talking about chump change here.


Doesn’t make her any less out of touch with average folks.


Sadly, there are idiots who continue to vote her into office.

But she’s never had to worry about having a rainy day fund.


Selfish and self-righteous.