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Giant Rat Filmed in New York and It Is NOT Fauci

We have heard of big rats in New York, just look at most of the politicians from the state *wink*, but the rat floating around X is A MONSTER and we might be a little afraid. If we ran into it in real life we would 100% run the other way!


OMG, a 'built different' is one way to put it, but that looks like a whole different species! One that looks like you would get the plague just from viewing it in person. haha.

Ok, we might be able to answer this one. It is NYC they are feeding them crime, inflation, and despair. That seems to be the perfect tonic to create MONSTERS of every species!

Note to self: maybe just never visit New York City.

*SNORT* We love the Ninja Turtles AS FICTION! Giant rat with trained ninja turtles in real life. HARD PASS!

Oh boy, we HOPE SO! Look, we are not animal experts here at Twitchy unless you want to refer to politicians as animals ... which, ok we are animal experts but only the political kind! ANYWAY. The one might be a muskrat, but that blanket of rats was just as disturbing and they are not muskrats.

That is all we need, radioactive rats. Biden will lock down the country and debate from his basement again in a heartbeat with that excuse!


LOLOLOL! It works. The real rat is probably more friendly than Fauci. *wink*

We believe it. Stay safe out there New Yorkers, and please for the love of all that is good in this world, when you vote in all of the dirty rats and ruin your own state and then move down south do not bring the real rats down with you as you do with the crappy voting habits that made you want to leave the state, to begin with!

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