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L. Louise Lucas makes us laugh as Pornhub pulls out of Virginia

Artist Angie

Virginia decided to crack down on porn being distributed to minors and passed an age verification law. In light of the law, pornhub decided instead of following the request for age verification they just will not offer access to their site in Virginia. 


Many people were proud of the accomplishment. 

There were several articles already being written on the matter but we have to link you to the one below because that headline is hilarious. 

Ignore us. We are NOT laughing at that ... 

*reverts to boy humor and giggles in the corner*

Many people just wanted to point out that PornHub was not only hurting themselves but painting themselves as the problem because why are they just leaving the state instead of offering an age verification tool for an account? It really should not be that difficult. 

It does. 



WOOP WOOP WOOP! It actually is a big deal. Northern Virginia and Washington DC are very liberal so to get a lot of this type of legislation passed should be impossible but they have been on FIRE! 

We appreciated the quick synopsis from that tweep. 

FACTS. Pornhub could still be up and running, they simply chose not to be there if they could not persuade children to view their goods. 

So far this story has been normal as normal can be when talking about porn but it is about to get hilarious.  

L. Louise Lucas, DEMOCRAT and President Pro tempore, for the Senate of Virginia tweeted the following: 

LOLOLOL Look, we do not care that she is a Democrat, she is apparently one of the only ones with a sense of humor and we are going to give that lady props when they are due because she voted for the bill and she is obviously making a joke and it is a good one. 


Her sense of humor did confuse a lot of people. Which we understand because most democrats do not know how to make a joke or laugh at one. 


We can only imagine having no context and seeing that tweet but that makes it even better! 

She did. We think that is part of the joke. Again, we do not hold it against anyone for not knowing she was joking. It really is a rare thing. A Democrat making a joke out in the wild. 

INDEED! We agree! 

Look we are on politics Twitter all of the time, it is often a sad and depressing place. We welcome the jokes if they are good even if they come form a Democrat. 

It is more than ok to be unserious some of the time. 


HA! Ok, but come on it was a great joke. We applaud her!  Maybe some of the other Democrats can take a lesson from her and get a sense of humor. :) 





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