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Ozzy Osbourne is on a CRAZY TRAIN, fed up with shootings, and does not want to die in America

This week, Ozzy Osbourne, famous for biting off bat heads while making some admittedly fantastic music and bumbling around on one of the earliest reality TV shows, gave an interview where he states he will be returning home to the UK because he does not want to die in America. He said everything was ridiculous here (referring to America) and he was fed up with people getting killed every day. ‘


Well, bye.

He described it all as ***** crazy (referring to the gun violence and shootings). Obviously, being that Ozzy doesn’t seem to be the most stable example of mental health, his saying anything was crazy brought many responses.

From The Hill:

‘God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings. And there was that mass shooting in Vegas at that concert …’

Here are some of our favorite responses and replies:

Leading with a simple one, but it really points out the hypocrisy of his statements.

We should all be used to hypocrites in the entertainment industry but it is still annoying.

He has a point. Crime in a lot of the flyover states is very low along with taxes.


While Ozzy states his motive for the move is the crime, the Osbournes have made quite a bit of money on the CRAZY TRAIN we call America, and in the tweet below you will see that according to TMZ Ozzy listed a different reason for the move back in March.

That angle is pretty interesting. Taxes were stated as the reason, but this editor has to ask after the way Sharon was treated on ‘THE TALK” for defending her friend Piers Morgan, maybe they are just trying to avoid more cancel-culture and get back on the good list in the entertainment industry. None of the Osbournes has ever played by the rules, so to see them possibly be pandering to the left is a bit disappointing.

Twitchy readers know America is not totally dark or lost, but we did get a laugh out of the “Prince of Darkness” reference so it gets an honorable mention on the list.


Leave it to Libertarians to be simple but amusing. We are just glad they made a joke we can agree with given a different Libertarian chapter’s humor this week … We won’t go into that mess but you can read about it here.

The descriptive language here is worth a place on the list.

OK so this one is not about the Ozzy interview or why he is leaving the country, but we cackled like Kamala Harris when she tries to defend the indefensible, so it had to be included.

The entertainment industry is always full of leftists who want conservatives to sit down and shut up but there does seem to be a recent trend of past rule breakers turning on the things they used to support. Dee Snyder with his recent MAGA FASCIST Twitter rant is a recent example.


So now we know Ozzy Osbourne is on a CRAZY TRAIN, fed up with shootings, and does not want to die in America. However, this twitchy editor recognizes he is no ORDINARY MAN, and although his stance on crime could be framed to say how bad Democrats run the state of CA (they do), it does seem to be a statement firmly on the left side of the gun control debate. We hope that when he has to say it’s time to CLOSE MY EYES FOREVER he does find his peace and in returning to the UK he can say, MAMA, I’m COMING HOME.


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