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Amanda Carpenter is clutching her pearls over hats again

Former Ted Cruz staffer and current “The Bulwark” contributor Amanda Carpenter is clutching her pearls over hats again. As Twitchy told you yesterday, she suggested that Conservatives wearing “1776” caps do so to put “America First” rather than for the love of U.S. history. No, we’re not making that up, and no, we don’t know why she has a problem with that either.


Then there was this gem:

Hats??? At a campaign event??? Whatever will they think of next???

Shocking behavior, indeed!

We honestly thought this was where she was headed, too.

Turns out it’s actually this:

“His understudy”.

That seems to be the true gist of the problem. People on the left (and yes, a this point we count the entire staff of The Bulwark among them) are so invested in the idea that DeSantis is Trump 2.0 that they will grasp at any straw to make the comparison.


Hats can be pretty scary, especially when they’re being distributed by *checks notes* a politician at a political event that people voluntarily attend.

They’re just hats, Amanda. It really ain’t that deep. But hey, keep clutching those pearls.


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