President Donald Trump actually packed a lot into the final year of his term. He did what he could to root out critical race theory-based training from federal agencies (something President Joe Biden immediately reversed) and announced the “1776 Project,” a direct challenge to the “1619 Project” that had worked its way from the New York Times into the history curriculum of a lot of school districts. Trump wanted children to be proud of their country and proposed an alternative curriculum to do just that.

Bulwark columnist Amanda Carpenter spotted conservative columnist Ken Blackwell wearing a “1776” hat next to Brooke Rollins, and Carpenter broke out the red flags:

AFPI is the America First Policy Institute. You know, America First … the line Trump borrowed from Hitler?

A nonprofit promoting America First ideology — sounds like a group of insurrectionists to us.

Damn right America First.

Now leftists can be triggered by both MAGA hats and 1776 hats.

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