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'Woke and Weaponized': Wokal Distance's NIH Thread Is an Eye-Opening Wake Up Call


This writer has told you about the dangers of wokeness in health care. From air travel to health care, the notion that diversity over competency is pervasive on the Left, and it's going to get people hurt and killed.


Here's an alarming thread on wokeness in government -- wokeness that has been weaponized by the full force of the state.

Get comfy and read it:

Racism is a 'core value.'


45 people for this nonsense.


Equity is evil and insidious.

IN. ADDITION. It's layers of woke garbage.

It really is a hijacking.

So discrimination in what it funds as well.


What could possibly go wrong?

Imagine this policy everywhere.

This is their idea of 'justice' and 'equity' -- they'll ban what they don't like, and allow what they do.

And it will kill people.


This needs to stop.

Reminder that doctors tried to address the 'structural racism' in kidney function and messed up the transplant list.


This needs to end. NOW.


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