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Woke Kills: UCLA Med Students Don't Know How to Run Basic Tests to ID Things Like SEPSIS

AP Photo/Al-hadji Kudra Maliro

This writer has been banging the drum on wokness in healthcare for a while now. UCLA's medical school has created woke enrollment policies that have seen 50% of certain cohorts failing basic medical exams (including a student who couldn't name a major artery during surgery and then chastised her professor for asking her a basic medical question).


So this news is terrifying but not at all surprising:

Sepsis is deadly, and it can get turn fatal very, very quickly. In a matter of hours.

And UCLA is educating (we use that term loosely) generations of medical professionals who can't run the tests needed to identify this very deadly illness.

This will kill people.

And if you read the quoted post in the above, you'll see it almost killed a 28-year-old man.

And if they don't have the capacity to learn, they won't be good doctors.

But they will be the doctors who care for you and your loved ones down the road. Which is when they'll tell you your kid's cancer was caused by racism, because we don't do medical science anymore.

Protocols are white supremacy. And microaggressions.


Right now, some 250,000 annual deaths are attributed to medical error. And that's before we add in woke garbage that says obesity is 'healthy' and ignores the racial differences in things like kidney function.

Good. It'll keep you alive.

Someone's gotta have standards, but we're sure this wokeness will invade nursing, too.

Yes it is.


And the Left wants that. They don't care if you die, so long as their woke policies are in place and they feel good about themselves.

To the Left, it's not.

Yes. By design, too.


Does not bode well.

Probably will.


Unless we say enough is enough and put an end to this insanity.


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