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Sure, Jen! Rubin Gets WRECKED for Saying Media Never Covered Trump’s ‘Mental and Personal Defects’


The list of partisan hacks who've been absolutely broken by Trump is not small, and Jennifer Rubin is always at or near the top.

She's not been coping well in the wake of Biden's bad debate, and maybe her bosses at WaPo should stage an intervention, because she's now delusional.


The post gets cut off, which is unfortunate, because the gem is at the end (emphasis added):

That is Trump- documented, on the record statements. Repeated and consistent displays of bizarre and unhinged, stream of consciousness rants.  Where is the outrage, the calls for him to leave, the incredulity his supporters won't dump him?? Now THAT is media bias. The media has NEVER covered Trump's mental and personal defects to alert the public.


She actually said the media never covered Trump's mental and personal defects with a straight face.

Look, this writer loves to link back to her colleague's stories but there are so many examples of the media covering Trump's 'mental and personal defects' this post would turn into War & Peace

Here's just a sampling:

We'll be starting with ol' Jen herself, when she said a Trump win would turn the U.S. into 'Clarence Thomas' America'.


There was the time he walked down a ramp slowly and the media screamed dementia, and the time he drank a glass of water with two hands.

Or the time George Stephanopoulos tried to shame Nancy Mace -- a rape victim -- for supporting Trump, because he's a rapist, apparently.

Trump is a dictator, a fascist, he'll use immunity to kill and imprison his opponents, blah, blah, blah.

Jen is straight up lying about the media coverage of Trump. And what they don't report on, they make up and lie about. The point is, there are countless stories out there about Trump and his flaws.

Damin is right -- this is also an EPIC self-own. Is Rubin saying she's done no work covering Trump for the last decade?

She is serious.

That's the sad and funny part.


It really is. Even for her.

Excellent catch. CNN interviewed Rep. Jamie Raskin, who wanted to convene a panel to assess Trump's mental health.

It really is lazy and unprofessional.

The examples abound.

If only there were a group of people tasked with asking questions and doing research on stuff like this, right, Jen?

Peak Jen Rubin.


She and Wilson still won't understand.

She's doing just great.

Seriously wrong with her.

All the times they did.


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