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HACK ALERT: David Frum Laments Collapse of Democracy Despite 'Full Employment and Rapidly Rising Wages'


There are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The media are somewhere between bargaining and depression, right now.

See, for example, David Frum, who just can't understand why democracy is collapsing around him when everything is going so well:


While unemployment is at 4% (the definition of 'full employment' is unemployment under 5%) more Americans are working multiple part-time jobs and most jobs created are part-time jobs. Wages have not been rising rapidly, either. In fact, they've fallen over the last five years.

But Frum thinks if he lies hard enough, Americans will just ignore the economic struggles they face and if he engages in fear-mongering -- OMG democracy is collapsing! -- they'll fall obediently in line.

We have tissues.

He'll be fine -- clearly the realities of Bidenomics haven't hit his wallet.

Sums it up nicely.

Fundamentally unserious.


It is when the Democrats might lose.

It's only democracy when they win.

We're a republic and why do we have to keep reminding the media of this?

A lot of the issues the media are facing today are self-inflicted.

And it's glorious.

Which is bad. Very bad.

No one has gotten a 35% pay raise.

They'll keep gaslighting though, because it's all they've got.

No, it's not.


They're never okay.

We'd love to see his explanation of this.

They don't like democracy.

They like winning.

He sure did.

Just like the rest of his media colleagues.

All of this. Especially the 'willfully ignorant' part.


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