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Kamala Harris Campaigns for Trump by Posting All the Awesome Ways He'll Uphold the Second Amendment

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The Left is after our guns. They have been for years and they won't stop trying to strip us of our Second Amendment rights. So adamant are they, that the mere accusation of domestic violence should be enough to strip you of your rights (something Justice Clarence Thomas objected to, leading to blatant lies about his views on domestic violence).


Kamala Harris reminded us what's at stake in November and -- to be honest -- it makes an awesome pro-Second Amendment ad for the Trump campaign.

Remember that Trump signed the bump stock ban the Supreme Court recently overturned.

It's a great campaign ad.

And they keep the border open.

Lots of gun owners will remember.

So out of touch.

Because they want to take our guns away. They don't care about our rights and they don't care about stopping crime. This is about disarming us.



We've noticed.

They have precisely zero interest in doing that.

She's always lying.


Notice how they're not attacking Trump's record. 

They're making up lies about abortion, gun control, and leaning hard on the felony convictions (which is backfiring on them).

Major W for Trump.

We will definitely remember this.

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