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The Left Is Above the Law: DA Bragg DROPS Charges Against Columbia Protesters, Citing 'Lack of Evidence'

AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

This is the least surprising story in 2024. For years now, the 'defund the police' Left have engaged in selective application of the law and outright lawfare: criminals get off with minimal (if any) charges, while law abiding citizens get dragged through the legal system on trumped up charges.


So that Bragg dropped charges against the Columbia protesters is exactly what we said would happen.

More from The New York Post:

Nearly all the protesters charged with storming and occupying Columbia University’s campus during heated anti-Israel demonstrations won’t face criminal charges, Manhattan prosecutors announced Thursday — drawing outrage from law enforcement and Jewish advocates.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office dismissed cases against 31 of 46 people charged with trespassing in the Ivy League school’s Hamilton Hall after a dramatic April 30 NYPD raid rounded up protesters on the Morningside Heights campus.

Prosecutors largely cited lack of evidence, such as security video footage, that could tie the students or staff to the building takeover for leaving them free and clear without even a slap on the wrist.

The dismissals quickly drew fury from rank-and-file NYPD officers, higher education officials and Jewish leaders who spoke with The Post.

'Lack of evidence' -- as if this wasn't on video, with multiple witnesses -- including a janitor they basically held hostage.

Except Leftists and their ideological allies.


They're always above the law.



Those are his priorities.

As long as you're a Leftist.

Exactly. Trump and anyone who isn't a Leftist.

That'll never happen.

Bragg is the kind of DA the Democratic Party wants.


And as long as they vote the correct way.

Because they're okay with all of this.

Bingo. Make them live by their own rules.

This is a long post, but it reads:

The @ManhattanDA dropped all charges for 31 of the 46, citing lack of evidence; all 31 were students or staff of  @BarnardCollege@Columbia or @UnionSeminary

14 others were told to avoid being arrested over the next six months and then charges will be dropped. 12 of the 14 are not affiliated with the university, while two are students of @Columbia

Only one individual, James Carlson, still faces charges and has two other open cases against him. He has no affliction with the university. 

@ManhattanDA prosecutor cited that the lack evidence was primarily due to the concealing of surveillance footage from cameras and the use of masks to hide their identifies. 

@NYCMayor@GovKathyHochul and @Columbia, you are getting played. This group of terrorists are getting away with taking over a building at Columbia, holding custodians hostage and extensive vandalism. 

Ban the use of masks now! Enough is enough. Hiding surveillance cameras to commit a crime should also be a criminal act. 

@ManhattanDA, question for you: if these 46 people were arrested inside Hamilton Hall, which was barricaded shut, how do you think they got inside? They also recorded themselves conducting acts of vandalism and custodians witnessed the takeover of the building from the inside. There is an abundance of evidence. Don’t use this pathetic excuse. 

@Columbia and @BarnardCollege, your hands are dirty here. Why were 31 of the 33 individuals who had their charges dismissed affiliated with the university? This does not seem like a coincidence. We hope you are prepared for pro-Hamas to escalate their tactics further because there are no consequences for them. 

@EdWorkforceCmte@POTUS@RepStefanik@EliseStefanik@RitchieTorres@virginiafoxx: There is something deeply rotten at Columbia and NYC’s judicial system. This case needs to be investigated. 

Read more: via @nbcnews


We aren't nearly mad enough.

This decision guarantees we'll have more riots on campus, and they'll be worse the next time.

They'll do to those people what Bragg is doing to Daniel Penny after Penny stopped a violent criminal on the subway and that criminal died.


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