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Politics Is Downstream of Culture: NBC's 'New Amsterdam' Made WILD Claim About What Caused Kid's Cancer


This writer has said for years that politics is downstream of culture, and the Right surrendering entertainment to the Left is a very bad idea. This is how you end up with woke nonsense in beloved IPs like 'Star Wars' (see the criticism of the latest godawful offering, 'The Acolyte').


'New Amsterdam' is an NBC series that went off the air in 2023, and this clip is from an episode that aired four years ago but clearly didn't get enough attention at the time.


People were paid to write this. To say these lines. To film and edit and broadcast this.

Racism caused this kid's cancer.

And they're serious.

It reads like a dark SNL skit, but it's not.

it's not.

Excellent reference.

It gave this writer a headache.

A very wise idea.


It's possible YouTube suppressed critical comments, but it also speaks volumes about how people actually believe this.

You wouldn't dare laugh or you'd be fired and blacklisted.

And they're using their writing as a public therapy session to work through their issues, apparently.

Give it time. Soon 'racism-induced cancer' will be an official diagnosis.

And this is what's happening at UCLA.

Seriously, it's terrible.

How this writer longs for the halcyon days of 'ER', 'Chicago Hope', and 'House'.

Does not surprise us, at all.


It's so painfully stupid.

Laughed out loud.


It's not only stupid, it's poorly written.

And the viewers who didn't immediately stop watching this utter garbage.

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