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Author Says We're Not Mad at Just Stop Oil, We’re Really at OURSELVES for Not Stopping Climate Change


Yesterday, we told you about the Just Stop Oil vandals damaging Stonehenge (and uniting people from all sides of the political spectrum in hatred of them and their antics).


People are sick of them. They damage priceless works of art, disrupt traffic, and damage ancient structures. Their entire purpose is not to raise awareness, but to tear down Western civilization to rebuild it in their communist vision.

We all know this. We all see this.

Except for author Matthew Todd. He's got a crystal ball, and he thinks he knows what's really behind our disdain of Just Stop Oil:

Sure, Jan.

Whatever you say.

The environmentalist Left has been screaming about acid rain and how New York would be underwater in five years since this author was in grade school.

Not one of their predictions has come to fruition.

And since they can't argue their positions based on facts, logic, and reason, they resort to bullying vandalism in an attempt to destroy things.



They really mean it this time, though.

Yes it is. It's about enacting communism under the flag of environmentalism.

Don't fall for it.


They wouldn't be, but at least they wouldn't be damaging priceless things.

They always seem to forget this.

Because they are.


See? We hate JSO. That's all there is to it.

What a reality check.

Let's test this theory.


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