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They Despise You: NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Goes on CNN to Call Trump's Bronx Rally Attendees 'Clowns'

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

It's been painfully evident for a while the Left despises you. The media, the Democratic Party, this administration: if you're not in lockstep with them, you're the enemy.


Usually politicians have more tact than to say what they really think out loud, though. But from Barack Obama and his 'bitter clingers' comments to Hillary Clinton and her basket of 'deplorables', they're pretty darned open about what they really think about you, the voters.

But you should vote for them. Because they care about you.

Sure, Jan.

Watch Gov. Kathy Hochul go on CNN and call the Bronx residents who attended Trump's recent rally 'clowns':


Imagine any Republican politician saying something like this. Heck, the media has its collective panties in a wad over a years-old story about flags at Justice Samuel Alito's home. They'd lose their minds if a Republican called Bronx residents 'clowns' and it would be headline news for a month.

Hochul does it and Jake Tapper is silent.

By the way, Kathy, Biden's lead in NY is shrinking. Rapidly. Calling citizens 'clowns' will surely reverse that trend.

Yeah, really.

That's who she's calling a clown.


Excellent question.

As we said -- it would be headline news for a month, and the media would scream about how mean and racist it was.

She thinks they don't know what a computer is, let alone that they own one.

And there's a lot of time between now and November for that lead to shrink further.

Most politicians, really.

Only if you agree with them on everything.



We invite her to keep talking.

But he's delivering for folks like Hochul, and that's all that matters.

She's doing great, otherwise.

So does saying stupid things, like calling your constituents 'clowns' on CNN.

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