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Bill Kristol Smugly Predicts June 27th Debate Won't Happen Because Trump Will Pull Out

Townhall Media

Has Bill Kristol been right about, well, anything when it comes to Trump?

Our money says no.

And he's probably wrong about this, too.


Whatever you say, Bill.

Our money says they'll try something to get out if this.

Yeah, he does.


Exactly. Why wouldn't he.


Yes. Yes, he did.

It really is amazing.


Excellent question. Please answer it, Bill.

Yeah, he can't make it through 14 seconds without multiple cuts.

And they'll have more excuses if Biden backs out, or if Biden does poorly.

Trump wanted to, Biden put out the challenge thinking maybe Trump would change his mind, and now Biden's stuck.


This is exactly how it's going to go down.

He can't read off a teleprompter.

No, we don't think Trump will walk away from this debate.

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