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Sure, Jan: Rolling Stone, Jon Steward Claim Donald Trump Is the 'Real Cancel Culture'

Townhall Media

The media and the Left -- but we repeat ourselves -- are great at gaslighting. They're also the founding fathers of cancel culture, which they love until it comes back to bite them on the butt.


So it's hilarious and adorable for Jon Stewart and Rolling Stone to claim Donald Trump is the 'real' cancel culture.

Pardon us while we roll our eyes.

Here's Rolling Stone quoting Stewart:

“We are surrounded by and inundated with more speech than has ever existed in the history of communication, and it is all weaponized by professional outrage hunters of all stripes,” he continued. Yet contrary to “conservatives’ victimization complex,” Stewart said there is “no organized canceled culture conspiracy, where even the slightest misstep can 100 percent get someone on the right cancelled.”

He added there was one exception, “The only one cancelling people on the right is Donald Trump,” before playing clips of Republicans Chris Christie, Will Hurd, and Mitt Romney being booed on stage after criticizing the four time-indicted former president.

So Donald Trump is trying to cancel Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker for his recent commencement speech? 


That's news to us.

Because all the outrage and canceling is coming from the Left.

Yes they have.

They know.

They just want to corner the market on it.

As if we don't all see what's happened in the past and what's happening right now with our own eyes.

Harrison Butker.

Holden Armenta (the Kansas City Chiefs fan who was accused of wearing 'black face' to the game and is a kid).


Nicholas Sandmann.

Remember when Rolling Stone was about music and not politics? Good times.

Yes they are. Everything they can think of. The desperation is palpable.

We were tired of it a long, long time ago.

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