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Change.org Tries to Cancel CATHOLIC Harrison Butker for Talking About CATHOLIC Values to CATHOLICS

AP Photo/Ed Zurga

We've heard a lot about commencement ceremonies around America's colleges in recent days and, unfortunately, a lot of it has been bad, with pro-Hamas protesters trying to disrupt the events or -- even worse -- some colleges even canceling their commencements in the wake of those same antisemitic and violent protests. 


So, when we hear of a genuinely positive commencement, we want to highlight that. This is exactly what happened over the weekend at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. The private, Catholic school invited Kansas City Chiefs placekicker and three-time Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker to deliver the commencement address to its 2024 graduating class. 

If you haven't listened to the full speech, it is well worth 20 minutes of your time:

We won't recap the entire speech here, but Butker talked a lot about traditional Catholic values, including what it means to be a Christian, what it means to be a father, and the right to life for unborn children, including a hard-hitting attack on President Joe Biden for claiming to be Catholic and pro-choice. He talked about how our leaders -- including leaders in the Catholic Church -- betrayed their responsibility during COVID. 

Butker then moved on to talk about the role of mothers in our society, saying that raising a family is the most rewarding vocation that any woman could embrace, one which will offer far greater fulfillment than any career success they may achieve.

It was this part of his speech that has now landed him in hot water with the anti-religion, anti-family left. 

To borrow a phrase from the media: The left POUNCED on him. On Tuesday, Change.org announced a petition to have Butker kicked off the Kansas City Chiefs. 


(Yeah, good luck with that. With the exception of Baltimore's Justin Tucker, who is the G.O.A.T., Butker is the best kicker in the league and the competition for third place really isn't even close.)

'Dehumanizing.' Give us a break. 

Were Butker's comments about motherhood for every woman? Of course not. But that doesn't make them 'controversial,' let alone cancelable. He is expressing a pretty common view for Catholics. And Benedictine College IS a Catholic school. Nor did he ever say that women shouldn't or couldn't pursue careers, just that motherhood is their primary calling. 

But context doesn't matter for the left. They were in full 'RRREEEEEEEEEEEE' mode. One person even tried to go after Butker's mother. 

His. Mother. 

That's just insane. And this person wasn't alone. At the time of this writing Wednesday evening, the petition had received nearly 70,000 signatures. 


Even the official account of the city of Kansas City tried to dox Butker with a now-deleted tweet telling everyone the suburb in which he lives (we won't screenshot that tweet here). They got caught and hurried out a lame, misspelled apology. 

Again, the Chiefs won't cut or trade him. Butker is the best in the business. But Twitter was happy to chime in to tell Change.org what they could do with their signatures. 

We'd sign that. Every writer at Twitchy. 

We hope so. 

They will always be soft-bellied weenies. But we'd still sign that petition too. 

The contrast between Butker and some ... ahem ... other players who the NFL celebrates wasn't lost on Twitter either. 


Price's tweet concludes, 'But it’s the Catholic guy telling women that families are more important than careers where people draw the line.'

This is the Communist left. ANY deviation from their worldview must be punished. It is the only way their worldview can survive. 

Never mind that Butker is a Catholic speaking at a Catholic school. That doesn't matter to them. 

Oh, how much they would LOVE to make Catholicism (and Christianity in general) illegal. Just like every other Communist regime has throughout history. 


In the words of Greta Thunberg, 'HOW DARE HE.'

The NFL has been BLEEDING viewers ever since it embraced the BLM movement (more Marxists). If they take action against Butker, we believe their viewership would tank to unprecedented lows. 

They know. They don't care. Because it's OK when they do it. 


This tweet continues: 

We aren’t allowed to openly talk about our faith in a Catholic setting? We can’t push back and publicly praise Jesus and His sacraments? We can’t publicly acknowledge the sanctity of Holy Matrimony, motherhood, fatherhood, or any traditional viewpoint? We can’t call a sin a sin?

Suddenly it’s hate speech?

Make it make sense.

They want to demoralize you into silence. That's how it makes sense. Don't let them. 

It's just the leftist playbook. They trot out made-up narratives about 'hate crimes' and 'suicides' with no evidence to back those claims up. No one is falling for it anymore. No one with half a brain is, anyway. 

But even with all of the crying from the left, the support Butker has received in the wake of his commencement address has DWARFED that criticism. 


When NHL defenseman Ivan Provorov refused to wear a rainbow 'pride' jersey during warmups because of his Russian Orthodox faith, sales of his jersey skyrocketed. Soon after, the NHL abandoned mandatory 'pride' celebrations by players. 

We're certain that Butker's jersey -- already a good seller because of his talent on the field -- is going to be flying off the shelves as well for his unapologetic adherence to his Catholic faith. 

And there's nothing Change.org can do to stop it.

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